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Judging Judges
Because as The Florida JQC reveals,
judicial commissions are out-of-control.  (Visit our News section for details)

Current California Judicial Recall

Judge Peter McBrien has shown repeated instances of bizarre behavior, incurred a Public admonishment and yet remains protected by the Court. Why is it up to the public to protect the public?

   Your courts, their secrets - the cases your judges are hiding from you

Can You Afford "Justice?"

What makes the biggest difference to how your day in court will go? The facts? Your lawyer? The jury?

None of the above.

The single biggest factor on whether you receive justice is simply the judge presiding over your case. The news is full of stories of justice delayed or denied because of the whims of the judge. Although sometimes as in the case of one Court in Nevada, the judges are too busy fighting amongst themselves.

People should remember judges are people too, and like most people - can be influenced. Unfortunately the judicial commissions which exist solely to address judicial misconduct, often protect judges, instead. For the few cases where judicial misconduct is addressed, sadly, they are often not adjudicated in a timely manner.

This is separate from the occasional case of bribery that visited much of the Oklahoma Supreme Court. But, apparently, bribery is an ongoing issue on the court, as reported by the New York Times on four New Jersey judges.

As one California case demonstrates, a San Benito County judge is allowing previously-declared vexatious litigants now facing over 150 felony criminal charges, to continue harassing their victims. This would make anyone think twice before visiting Hollister, California. Judicial commissions? Hopefully, the Commission on Judicial Performance is investigating - but that's small comfort to the hundreds of people already and continuing to be adversely impacted by the Defendants.

And yet, it’s the lowly traffic ticket that continues sticking to the heel of judges. Catherine Gallagher is the Presiding Judge of Santa Clara County. Gallagher is married to former judge, now disbarred attorney William Danser. Danser was removed from the bench for his ticket fixing proclivities.

For larger crimes announces the twin, judicial indictments out of Louisiana for Racketerring.

Most attorneys know which judges uphold their oath to be impartial as well as those who do not. (But they don't always share this information with clients). But overcoming judicial bias is one reason attorneys hire trial consultants. California attorneys can file a pre-emptive challenge to get rid of a biased judge, but this common sense remedy is not available in most states. As such a pre-trial report from a judge on a judge is useful, and especially so during judicial elections. addresses the need people have to learn about current judges who want to retain office. Now people have the ability to a little more about their judge, or how a particular judge has ruled in the past.

Don't expect your lawyer will necessarily tell you what you need to know. Don't roll the dice when you've got your finances or even your freedom on the line. Get the edge you need by getting the information you lack.